The Month of Food and Love

February has long been a festival associated with love, particularly due to the 14th of the month St Valentine’s Day. But you should make your loved one feels special for the whole month, so consider the following for your romantic meals for two.


Mooted for their aphrodisiac qualities throughout the centuries, Oysters are top of the culinary picks for Valentine’s Day in particular. In fact, their association with romantic desire is not without good cause, as Scientists have found that Oysters do contain amino acids which lead to higher levels of sexual hormones. No wonder Casanova liked to eat 50 of them each day for his breakfast. Step outside your comfort zone and try them for one of your breakfasts this month. 


The traditional gift on Valentine’s Day, but get your fill before giving up for lent! Chocolate is another food associated with aphrodisiac qualities and has mood-boosting attributes too. So what could be better for getting your celebrations off to a positive start? Melted, baked or boxed, just ensure you step away from the more commercial offerings for something with a high cocoa content.        


Try the food of love this February and make Strawberries an integral part of your diet. Strawberries too have been thought of as an aphrodisiac and at one time were fed to newlyweds as soup – yes that’s right - Strawberry soup! Not only do they taste sweet but they are a super food to boot, plus you don’t need to do anything to them (certainly not soup), thereby maximising the time you have with your significant other. Perhaps dip them in chocolate, sprinkle them with sugar, accompany them with cream or pile them in a pancake – or simply enjoy them as they are.


There are legends and stories aplenty when it comes to Pomegranates and love. We all know the story of Persephone and the underworld, but Pomegranates were also a symbol of Aphrodite and Shakespeare used them as a representation of true love.  Okay, okay it was in Romeo and Juliet, which is not necessarily the best example of a happy romantic outcome – but we’ll skate over that. Suffice to say; Pomegranates are also recognised as an aphrodisiac -that’s all you need to know.  Pop them in a cocktail or scatter them on a salad – they’re a winner.         


Packed with lots of good things, including vitamins and minerals aplenty, Cherries are another Superfood for February. They’re said to regulate your heart too – which has to be a good thing if things get a little steamy this year. You’ll find stacks of cherry recipes, from tarts and tortes to cakes and more. So flex those culinary muscles and get started.  


No romantic meal would be complete without a little bubbly to get you and your partner in the spirit. Try a rosé to strike the right romantic note. Don’t forget that Champagne or Prosecco can make any night special, and it goes great with a Sunday breakfast!

Now you weren’t planning on getting out that old standby the heart shaped biscuit cutter, were you?  It’s a no to the heart shaped toast (again).

Don’t feel confident about cooking up a feast?

Then step out of the kitchen and make your loved one feel special this February by booking a table at The Driver today.

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