What to Remember When Planning An Event In 2017

A lot of things may change with the arrival of a New Year, but two things that barely alter are the popularity of events and the importance of getting yours right.

The UK events industry is now a massive one, being worth £42.3 billion according to Eventbrite, with the average budget per event a whopping £65,943 as of 2015. So, you will need to take a careful approach to your event planning in 2017, bearing in mind these five big things.

1.       The purpose of your event

Why is the event being held at all? It’s vital to be clear about what you wish to gain from the event if it is to be worth all of that planning, time and expenditure.

Will it be a fundraising event with a specific financial goal in mind? Are you launching a new product or service or holding a networking event? If you haven’t defined an objective for your event, you could find yourself wasting a lot of time and money on an event that is of little benefit to your firm.

2.       Event staffing

Your event won’t create the right impression on attendees if it isn’t run smoothly, and for that, you will need the right staff – including your own employees who can serve as enthusiastic ambassadors for your organisation.

However, effective event staffing isn’t just about having your people in the room for the event – it’s also about planning a staffing schedule that everyone is happy with, including that fits around their personal lives. Unhappy employees, after all, won’t be motivated to make your event a success.

3.       Health and safety

Health and safety is as crucial a consideration for your event as it is for your organisation’s usual day-to-day activities, as any accidents or injuries at your event could cost your firm dearly, both in terms of reputation and a more literal financial sense if any legal claims are made.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has compiled a useful guide to running an event safely, including your duties as an event organiser and how to develop an emergency plan.

4.       The budget

As mentioned above, events can be extremely expensive to organise. This shouldn’t surprise you given all of the things that you will need to pay for, ranging from the hiring of the venue and equipment right through to transport, decorations and insurance.

Consider, alongside the likely costs, how you will realistically cover them. Could you charge entrance fees or hold a raffle, or would grants, sponsorship or the charging of stallholders be more suitable means of funding your event?

5.       The venue

Your choice of venue for the event will go hand-in-hand with the aforementioned and other factors. You could spend a significant amount of money on event publicity, for example, but if you’re inviting guests to a venue that is awkward to reach, uncomfortable or poorly equipped, it might not represent a great investment.

Here at The Driver in King’s Cross, just a few minutes’ walk from King’s Cross railway station, we have worked hard to make our venue one of the very best for private hire – whether you have a birthday party, wedding, conference, rooftop BBQ or almost any other kind of event in mind.

Enquire to our team now about how we can help to take the stress out of this all-important element of your event planning in 2017.

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